Thank You!

Best Friends is extremely grateful for each of the sponsors, volunteers, supporters and participants in the dozens of Santa events in December. Your contributions mean more than you know and help continue a nearly 25-year legacy of youth mentoring in southwest North Dakota! 

Are you someone’s best friend?

Best Friends mentors choose a school or community-based mentoring setting, undergo a background check, receive training and make a 9-12 month commitment to spend one hour per week with their mentee. You must be 16 years old for school-based and 18 for the community program. You will be matched with a same-sex youth aged 6-16.

Mentoring is empowering

Mentoring teaches you about relationships, how to step outside of your interests for a better result, to help make someone stronger by focusing on their strengths. This journey may be the most selfless yet responsible effort of your life. Learn more about the mentoring relationship with Dickinson High School senior Aiden Jung and Parker Nelson pictured above.

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