Mentors’ parents can inspire through their own experiences

Some of our outstanding mentors are influenced to make a difference by knowing what their own parents went through as youth. Such is the case for Dickinson High School senior Zachary Sprague, who gained inspiration from his mom. Learn more about this compelling story and how mentor-mentee relationships provide an expanded life perspective and understanding,

Best Friends is now virtual!

In the wake of sweeping COVID-19 health concerns, Best Friends has transitioned all of its school and community-based matches to alternative platforms. As all of us learn new social norms and become more isolated, supportive relationships are more important now than they ever have been. Please consider supporting us with your donation as our trained mentors continue their positive role-modeling. Learn more about the mentoring relationship between Jalyn McGill and Jeice Tibor.

Mentoring empowers

Mentoring teaches you about relationships, stepping aside from personal interests for a better result, to help make someone stronger by focusing on their strengths. This journey may be the most selfless yet responsible effort of your life. Learn more about the mentoring relationship between Dickinson High School senior Aiden Jung and Parker Nelson pictured.

Best Friends has reopened to the public with new hours!